Welcome to Mrs. Leifson's Lagoon!

I hope you enjoy your time in the Lagoon.

The waters are safe.

Feel free to explore, to dive deep, to wiggle through the common core.

We will also learn to swim with the other fish in the sea.

We will learn the safe places to swim as well as the places to avoid.

We will learn to follow the leader.

We will learn how to lead the school.

Sometimes we will swim together.

Sometimes we will swim alone.




 Kindergarten Students
are learning to be
The Lagoon is full of fun!

Kindergarten Students
Identify upper-case letters of the alphabet
Identify lower-case letters of the alphabet
Name the position of objects (in, on, under, in front of, behind, next to between)
Name, draw and give the attributes of 2d shapes (square, triangle, rectangle, circle and hexagon)
Count to 25 (working on 100)
Say address, phone number and birthday
Add and Subtract fluently to 5
Read 50 sight words
Read on a Level B



This Month in Kindergarten

We are almost finished with our kindergarten year!
The next few weeks we will be super busy assessing for 1st grade readiness skills.
May 2 is our City Tour Field Trip with Mayor Leifson.
We will go to the Police Station, the Fire Station, the North Park for Lunch and finally we will tour Wal-Mart.

May 8 and 9 I will be benchmarking each student to assess individual reading levels.

May 15 is our all day kindergarten.  Let me know if you would be available at 11:15am to help with lunch.
Students will all come to school from 8:30am - 2:00pm.

May 19 is our Graduation!
The program begins at 9:30am and we will have a picnic lunch immediately following graduation.

Remember individual end of year assessments are
May 22-25.
Students must attend assessments to receive their Leadership Binder.
There is no Kindergarten class during the last week of school.